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Founder Speak

“We move forward in completing the next phase of our journey 2021-2023”

Organization which drives empowerment in social economic agenda for Palestinians via diversity of resources, effective collaboration and partnership, sustainable solutions and impactful advocacy
Leading South East Asian organisation in providing solutions for Palestinian social economy by 2023
Focusing on stakeholder satisfaction, effective collaboration, sustainable intervention and knowledge excellence
Strategic Objectives

Main Project

Project are intended to serve about 220,000 made up of about 3000 families who are currently living below the poverty line

Sustainable Project

The ability of an organization to continue its mission or program far into the future

Partner Agencies

More Than 50 + NGO with Us

CGM has the privilege of working with more than 50 nonprofit organizations that are making a positive impact in several county including Palestine, Syria, Africa and others . Each year our Partner Agencies are allocated a portion of funds donated by the community through the annual campaign to support their ongoing services to those with specific needs.

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